Holiday Story Theatre: Santa Around the World

Tuesday, December 4th, 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Lafortune Community Center

Open to kids ages five through fifteen!

Enrollment Fee: $25

Or, enroll in this class plus our Headless Horseman Theatre class for only $40!

Put on your Santa hat and join the fun and good cheer as we celebrate the true spirit of Christmas by sharing Santa stories from around the world! Learn how Saint Nicholas and his world-wide network of helpers bring Christmas magic to boys and girls around the globe as we use the art of theatre to breathe life into Christmas legends and traditions from three different countries!  

We will have plenty of Christmas goodies and treats for everyone! 

Friends and family will be invited to join us at the end of class as we perform one of these traditional stories for our audience!


Check back in late November for all the details on our spring semester sessions of CASTLES AND QUESTS MEDIEVAL THEATRE!



Hear Ye, Hear Ye....

Valiant Knights and Brave Ladies of the Kingdom, please join us for a theatrical journey through the exciting middle ages!

Our acting and theatre-arts program for the 2018-2019 school year is Castles and Quests Theatre!

 This fun theatre-arts and acting class introduces students to larger-than-life characters and stories from medieval history and fantasy! Dragons. Knights. Castles. Cathedrals. Jesters and wandering musicians. Kings and Queens. Princesses. Lords and Ladies. Fairies and trolls. The Plague. Epic battles and legendary crusades.  These wonderful tales - drawn both from true-life historical events and from beloved stories, music, and art of the time period - will enchant and delight boys and girls alike.

Each week, kids will discover colorful, fascinating stories from the medieval world. Then, they will bring these fabulous characters to life using drama, music, and movement.  Participants will learn basic acting skills, performance techniques, and theatre fundamentals while having fun in a safe, creative, encouraging, and non-competitive environment.

Combining world history and cultures, geography, fantasy and adventure, interesting characters, fearsome monsters, and the magic of theatre, this class is a wonderful way to get boys and girls energized about the stories that have been inspiring and entertaining us for over 1,000 years!

Plus, it's a wonderful introduction to theatre arts like pantomime, improvisation, acting, and creative movement for young performers of all experience levels!

This class will end with a presentation for friends and family where each child will play the role of an important character for the audience!

School classes open to students in Pre-K through 6th grades! (Homeschool class is open to kids through age 15!)

NOTE: Many of these classes are open to students who do not attend that particular school. If your child would like to participate, but does not attend one of the listed schools, just contact us to see which ones are open to outside enrollments. Or, talk to us about bringing Castles and Quests Theatre to your child's school!  Also please note that we do offer daytime homeschool classes at Lafortune Community Center for homeschoolers up to age 15!